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Psychological Services / L'accès aux services psychologiques

Vol. 55, No. 2, May 2014
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1824-0
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Articles in this issue

Let's Do Something About It
Pages 57–59
Drapeau, Martin

Access to Psychotherapy for Primary Care Patients With Anxiety Disorders
Pages 60–67
Roberge, Pasquale; Fournier, Louise; Menear, Matthew; Duhoux, Arnaud

Gender Differences in Professional Consultation for a Mental Health Concern: A Canadian Population Study
Pages 68–74
Cox, Daniel W.

"Gatekeepers" Perspective on Treatment Access for Anxiety and Depression: A Survey of New Brunswick Family Physicians
Pages 75–79
Talbot, France; Clark, David A.; Yuzda, Ward S.; Charron, Anne; McDonald, Ted

Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Through Government-Funded Psychotherapy: The Perspectives of Clinicians
Pages 80–89
Bradley, Stacy; Drapeau, Martin

The Management of Childhood Anxiety Disorders in Ontario's Public Mental Health System
Pages 90–100
Eichstedt, Julie A.; Collins, Kerry A.; Phoenix, Elizabeth; Haensel, Heidi; Dozois, David J. A.

A National Survey of Student Extended Health Insurance Programs in Postsecondary Institutions in Canada: Limited Support for Students With Mental Health Problems
Pages 101–109
Nunes, Monica; Walker, John R.; Syed, Tarannum; De Jong, Meagan; Stewart, Donald W.; Provencher, Martin D.; Swinson, Richard P.; Ferrari, Jack; Furer, Patricia

The International Parenting Survey–Canada: Exploring Access to Parenting Services
Pages 110–116
Lee, Catherine M.; Smith, Philip B.; Stern, Susan B.; Piché, Geneviève; Feldgaier, Steven; Ateah, Christine; Clément, Marie-Ève; Gagné, Marie-Hélène; Lamonde, Annie; Barnes, Sue; Dennis, Diane; Chan, Kathy

Psychological Services for Children and Youth: A Survey of Canadian Practitioners
Pages 117–125
Hunsley, John; Ronson, Ashley; Cohen, Karen R.; Lee, Catherine M.

Access to Psychological Services for Canadians: Getting What Works to Work for Canada's Mental and Behavioural Health
Pages 126–130
Cohen, Karen R.; Peachey, David

Matching Need, Supply, and Demand in Psychology: How Many to Do What for Whom?
Pages 131–134
Votta-Bleeker, Lisa; Cohen, Karen R.

Improved Access to Psychotherapy Services: It's Time for Action!
Pages 135–138
Cavaliere, Rita

Lessons From Australia in the Public Funding of Mental Health Services
Pages 139–143
Hyde, Judy

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