Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Prospective Memory/mémoire prospective

Vol. 65, No. 1, March 2011
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About the special issue

In order to raise awareness of prospective memory, this special issue features contemporary research on the topic. The occasion for a special issue was the 3rd International Conference on Prospective Memory, which was held in July 2010 in Vancouver, and which brought together nearly 100 scientists from 16 different countries.

Articles in this issue

Special Issue Editorial: Prospective Memory in 2010
Pages 1–2
Graf, Peter (Ed)

Social Motivation in Prospective Memory: Higher Importance Ratings and Reported Performance Rates for Social Tasks
Pages 3–11
Penningroth, Suzanna L.; Scott, Walter D.; Freuen, Margaret

Performance Predictions Improve Prospective Memory and Influence Retrieval Experience
Pages 12–18
Meier, Beat; Von Wartburg, Philipp; Matter, Sibylle; Rothen, Nicolas; Reber, Rolf

Metacognition in Prospective Memory: Are Performance Predictions Accurate?
Pages 19–26
Schnitzspahn, Katharina M.; Zeintl, Melanie; Jäger, Theodor; Kliegel, Matthias

Everyday Life Memory Deficits in Pregnant Women
Pages 27–37
Cuttler, Carrie; Graf, Peter; Pawluski, Jodi L.; Galea, Liisa A. M.

Correction to Berry et al. (2010)
Page 37
Berry, Christopher J.; Shanks, David R.; Li, Selina; Rains, Sheridan; Henson, Richard N. A.

When Goals Collide: The Interaction Between Prospective Memory and Task Switching
Pages 38–47
West, Robert; Scolaro, Ashley J.; Bailey, Kira

Ongoing Task Delays Affect Prospective Memory More Powerfully Than Filler Task Delays
Pages 48–56
Martin, Benjamin A.; Brown, Noelle L.; Hicks, Jason L.

Self-Report Measures of Prospective Memory Are Reliable but Not Valid
Pages 57–68
Uttl, Bob; Kibreab, Mekale

What Can the Diffusion Model Tell Us About Prospective Memory?
Pages 69–75
Horn, Sebastian S.; Bayen, Ute J.; Smith, Rebekah E.

List Price: $24.95
Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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