Cover of Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy (medium)

Trauma-Focused Training and Education

Vol. 3, No. 3, September 2011
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About the special issue

This special issue presents articles focused on practices, theory, and data from a wide range of training/education settings (e.g., community clinics, VA settings, classrooms) focused on diverse forms of trauma exposure (e.g., disaster, military, child abuse/neglect, violence against women).

Articles in this issue

Guest Editorial

Special Issue Editorial: The Art and Science of Trauma-Focused Training and Education
Pages 213–214
DePrince, Anne; Newman, Elana

Trauma Education and Training in Undergraduate and Graduate Contexts

Learning About Violence Against Women in Research Methods: A Comparison to Traditional Pedagogy
Pages 215–222
DePrince, Anne P.; Priebe, Sarah J.; Newton, A. Taylor

Preventing Secondary Traumatization in the Undergraduate Classroom: Lessons from Theory and Clinical Practice
Pages 223–228
Zurbriggen, Eileen L.

Psychology Graduate School Training on Interventions for Child Maltreatment
Pages 229–234
Sigel, Benjamin A.; Silovsky, Jane F.

Teaching Clinical Psychology Graduate Students About Traumatic Stress Studies
Pages 235–242
Newman, Elana

The Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma: A Tool for Training a Trauma-Informed Workforce
Pages 243–252
Layne, Christopher M.; Ippen, Chandra Ghosh; Strand, Virginia; Stuber, Margaret; Abramovitz, Robert; Reyes, Gilbert; Jackson, Lisa Amaya; Ross, Leslie; Curtis, Amy; Lipscomb, Laura; Pynoos, Robert

Trauma Education and Training in Community and System Contexts

Responses of a Sample of Practicing Psychologists to Questions About Clinical Work With Trauma and Interest in Specialized Training
Pages 253–257
Cook, Joan M.; Dinnen, Stephanie; Rehman, Omar; Bufka, Lynn; Courtois, Christine

Educating and Training the Next Generations of Traumatologists: Development of Cultural Competencies
Pages 258–265
Mattar, Sandra

Using Predictive Models of Behavior Change to Promote Evidence-Based Treatment for PTSD
Pages 266–275
Couineau, Anne-Laure; Forbes, David

Louisiana Spirit Specialized Crisis Counseling: Counselor Perceptions of Training and Services
Pages 276–282
Hansel, Tonya Cross; Osofsky, Howard J.; Steinberg, Alan M.; Brymer, Melissa J.; Landis, Ruth; Riise, Kirsten Sundgaard; Gilkey, So'Nia; Osofsky, Joy D.; Speier, Anthony

Developing Community Capacity to Treat Post-Deployment Mental Health Problems: A Public Health Initiative
Pages 283–291
Straits-Tröster, Kristy A.; Brancu, Mira; Goodale, Bob; Pacelli, Sheryl; Wilmer, Charlotte; Simmons, Erin M.; Kudler, Harold

Implementation of a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Mentoring Program to Improve Treatment Services
Pages 292–299
Bernardy, Nancy C.; Hamblen, Jessica L.; Friedman, Matthew J.; Ruzek, Josef I.; McFall, Miles E.

Teaching Trauma-Focused Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Critical Clinical Lessons for Novice Exposure Therapists
Pages 300–308
Zoellner, Lori A.; Feeny, Norah C.; Bittinger, Joyce N.; Bedard-Gilligan, Michele A.; Slagle, David M.; Post, Loren M.; Chen, Jessica A.

List Price: $24.95
Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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