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Adolescents and Violence

Vol. 3, No. 4, October 2013
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About the special issue

Adolescence is a unique developmental period in which youth are at heightened risk for violence perpetration and victimization, both of which can adversely affect the course of normal psychosocial development and health across the life course.

The possible range of violent experiences during adolescence is broad, including physical and relational peer violence, bullying, sexual violence, cyber-aggression, child maltreatment, exposure to parental intimate partner violence, exposure to aggressive media, and more.

The 8 articles in this special issue span this wide range of violence experiences. In helping to fill gaps in knowledge about the nature and processes by which violence develops, and how violence experiences affect adolescents, these articles as a group also offer direction for future research.

Articles in this issue

"Above All Things, Be Glad and Young": Advancing Research on Violence in Adolescence
Pages 289–296
McDonald, Renee; Merrick, Melissa T.

Cyber- and Traditional Peer Victimization: Unique Relationships With Adolescent Well-Being
Pages 297–309
Wigderson, Sara; Lynch, Michael

Extensiveness and Persistence of Aggressive Media Exposure as Longitudinal Risk Factors For Teen Dating Violence
Pages 310–322
Friedlander, Laura J.; Connolly, Jennifer A.; Pepler, Debra J.; Craig, Wendy M.

Measuring Teen Dating Violence in Males and Females: Insights From the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence
Pages 323–339
Hamby, Sherry; Turner, Heather

How Do Cognitive Distortions and Substance-Related Problems Affect the Relationship Between Child Maltreatment and Adolescent Suicidal Ideation?
Pages 340–353
Miller, Adam B.; Esposito-Smythers, Christianne

Do Parenting Practices and Prosocial Peers Moderate the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence Exposure and Teen Dating Violence?
Pages 354–366
Garrido, Edward F.; Taussig, Heather N.

Antisocial Behavior Trajectories of Adolescents and Emerging Adults With Histories of Sexual Aggression
Pages 367–380
Ronis, Scott T.; Borduin, Charles M.

Community Violence Exposure and Adolescents' School Engagement and Academic Achievement Over Time
Pages 381–395
Borofsky, Larissa A.; Kellerman, Ilana; Baucom, Brian; Oliver, Pamella H.; Margolin, Gayla

Dimensions of Juvenile Psychopathy Distinguish "Bullies," "Bully-Victims," and "Victims"
Pages 396–409
Fanti, Kostas A.; Kimonis, Eva R.

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