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Special Issue on the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model of Supported Employment

Vol. 37, No. 2, June 2014
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About the special issue

This issue of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal presents an update on individual placement and support (IPS), the evidence-based practice of supported employment for people with psychiatric disabilities.

Articles in this issue

A National Campaign to Finance Supported Employment
Pages 73–75
Hogan, Michael F.; Drake, Robert E.; Goldman, Howard H.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Individual Placement and Support
Pages 76–78
Drake, Robert E.; Bond, Gary R.

The IPS Supported Employment Learning Collaborative
Pages 79–85
Becker, Deborah R.; Drake, Robert E.; Bond, Gary R.

Strategies for Integrated Employment and Mental Health Services
Pages 86–89
Swanson, Sarah J.; Courtney, Claire T.; Meyer, Robert H.; Reeder, Steven A.

Work Accommodations and Natural Supports for Maintaining Employment
Pages 90–98
Corbière, Marc; Villotti, Patrizia; Lecomte, Tania; Bond, Gary R.; Lesage, Alain; Goldner, Elliot M.

The Potential of Technology for Enhancing Individual Placement and Support Supported Employment
Pages 99–106
Lord, Sarah E.; McGurk, Susan R.; Nicholson, Joanne; Carpenter-Song, Elizabeth A.; Tauscher, Justin S.; Becker, Deborah R.; Swanson, Sarah J.; Drake, Robert E.; Bond, Gary R.

Impact of Social Challenges on Gaining Employment for Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Exploratory Moderator Analysis
Pages 107–109
Davis, Lori L.; Pilkinton, Patricia; Poddar, Swati; Blansett, Catherine; Toscano, Richard; Parker, Pamela E.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) in Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine: The VA Spinal Cord Injury Experience
Pages 110–112
Ottomanelli, Lisa; Barnett, Scott D.; Toscano, Rich

The Effects of Supported Employment in Latino Consumers With Severe Mental Illness
Pages 113–122
Mueser, Kim T.; Bond, Gary R.; Essock, Susan M.; Clark, Robin E.; Carpenter-Song, Elizabeth; Drake, Robert E.; Wolfe, Rosemarie

Individual Placement and Support in Europe
Pages 123–128
Fioritti, Angelo; Burns, Tom; Hilarion, Pilar; van Weeghel, Jaap; Cappa, Corrado; Suñol, Rosa; Otto, Ellen

Effectiveness of Individual Placement and Support for People With Severe Mental Illness in the Netherlands: A 30-Month Randomized Controlled Trial
Pages 129–136
Michon, Harry; van Busschbach, Jooske T.; Stant, A. Dennis; van Vugt, Maaike D.; van Weeghel, Jaap; Kroon, Hans

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Individual Placement and Support in Japan
Pages 137–143
Oshima, Iwao; Sono, Tamaki; Bond, Gary R.; Nishio, Masaaki; Ito, Junichiro

Implementation of Evidence-Based Supported Employment in Regional Australia
Pages 144–147
Morris, Adrienne; Waghorn, Geoffrey; Robson, Emma; Moore, Lyndell; Edwards, Emma

Family Advocacy for the IPS Supported Employment Project: Accomplishments and Challenges
Pages 148–150
Cohen, Michael J.; Becker, Deborah R.

Rebirth Through Supported Employment
Pages 151–152
Strickler, David C.

For Parents With Mental Health Conditions: The Chance to "Have It All"at Work and at Home
Pages 153–156
Nicholson, Joanne

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