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Hypnosis: Contributions to Psychological Science and Clinical Practice

Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2014
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Articles in this issue

Hypnosis: Contributions to Psychological Science and Clinical Practice
Pages 103–104
Lynn, Steven Jay; Woody, Erik Z.; Montgomery, Guy; Gaudiano, Brandon

Hypnosis and Beyond: Exploring the Broader Domain of Suggestion
Pages 105–122
Halligan, Peter W.; Oakley, David A.

Hypnos and Psyche: How Hypnosis Has Contributed to the Study of Consciousness
Pages 123–138
Cardeña, Etzel

Hypnosis and Cognition
Pages 139–152
Kihlstrom, John F.

Hypnosis and Memory: Two Hundred Years of Adventures and Still Going!
Pages 153–167
Mazzoni, Giuliana; Laurence, Jean-Roch; Heap, Michael

The Province of "Highs": The High Hypnotizable Person in the Science of Hypnosis and in Psychological Science
Pages 168–183
Barnier, Amanda J.; Cox, Rochelle E.; McConkey, Kevin M.

Delusions in the Hypnosis Laboratory: Modeling Different Pathways to Mirrored-Self Misidentification
Pages 184–198
Connors, Michael H.; Barnier, Amanda J.; Langdon, Robyn; Cox, Rochelle E.; Polito, Vince; Coltheart, Max

Hypnosis and Psychotherapy: From Mesmer to Mindfulness
Pages 199–212
Green, Joseph P.; Laurence, Jean-Roch; Lynn, Steven Jay

Disseminating Hypnosis to Health Care Settings: Applying the RE-AIM Framework
Pages 213–228
Yeh, Vivian M.; Schnur, Julie B.; Montgomery, Guy H.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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