Call for Papers: Innovative and Creative Training Strategies

The editorial team of Training and Education in Professional Psychology (TEPP) is establishing a regular forum for brief articles on training activities. We seek relatively brief manuscript submissions that report on innovative and creative strategies and implementation for education and training including reports from doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs.

As noted in the editorial published in the first issue of TEPP in 2014 (PDF, 42KB), the editorial team seeks submissions that will help the field of professional and health service psychology develop a stronger evidence base for training and education in the field. Consequently, these brief reports need to include data and initial reports of effectiveness (or at a minimum, authors need to indicate how there is a plan of action for conducting such evaluations).

Manuscripts with the highest chance of acceptance for publication will emphasize competencies development in the described training activities and can demonstrate how the programming or organization of activities is innovative and creative (i.e., these papers should not describe things that multiple programs are already implementing in a somewhat similar fashion).

These brief reports should be no longer than 15 manuscript pages in total (inclusive of cover page, reference section, and any figures/table) for a publication length of 4 printed pages; manuscripts should be submitted through the regular publication portal.

Although the manuscripts can be organized as authors wish to describe their training activities, the following points should be considered:

  • Rationale and justification
  • Indicated competencies
  • Succinct review of the literature on what has been done before
  • Description of training activities (didactic and/or experiential) with discussion of why they are innovative and creative
  • Measurement and outcomes or plan for evaluation (with data to come at time certain in the future)
  • Implications and generalizability of the activity for other programs

These forum articles should focus on benefitting the education community and profession and enhance the ability of the psychologist graduates to provide quality services to the public.

For example, his section might include articles on topics such as:

  • Competencies (with an emphasis on measurement and data-based outcomes for a level of training and education in professional psychology)
  • Integrated sequence of training in professional psychology and health service psychology through an innovative organization of didactics and practicum
  • Supervision activities and measurable supervision outcomes at all levels of training
  • Training in CRSPPP recognized specialties
  • Diversity issues in education and training
  • Community involvement and social justice
  • Considerations of religion and faith in training
  • Ethical issues in educational settings and training in ethics
  • Innovative training responding to the changes in health care environment
  • Evidence-base for training practices including research and evidence-based practice
  • Training in advocacy
  • Integrated care, patient-centered care, primary care settings for psychology
  • Technology in various applications
  • Innovative funding models
  • Dissertation, publication, and grant-writing training
  • Focused emphases on internship and postdoctoral training

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