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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Trauma, Aging, and Well-Being


Traumatology is a primary reference for professionals all over the world who study and treat people exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events, such as terrorist bombings, war disasters, fires, accidents, criminal and familial abuse, hostage-taking, hospitalization, major illness, abandonment, and sudden unemployment.

Whether you are a psychologist, medical or nursing professional, aid worker, social worker, or other disaster/trauma professional, Traumatology will help you better understand how to work with disaster victims and their families, as well as other caregivers.

Each unique issue offers original articles, reviews, field reports, brief reports, commentary, and media reviews on trauma research, treatment, prevention, education, training, medical, legal, policy and theoretical concerns.

Among the topics covered in recent issues are:

  • adaptive coping in adolescent trauma survivors
  • emotional release technique: a new desensitization method
  • gender differences and acute stress reactions among rescue personnel
  • helpful interventions on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • neurological basis for the observed peripheral sensory modulation of emotional responses
  • post-traumatic growth and HIV bereavement
  • post-traumatic growth following a cancer diagnosis
  • post-traumatic stress in youth experiencing illnesses and injuries
  • post-tsunami training of helpers in Phuket, Thailand 2005
  • psychological growth from a close brush with death
  • sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system
  • Stockholm effects and psychological responses to captivity in hostages held by suicide terrorists
  • the counting method: applying the rule of parsimony to the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder
  • vicarious witnessing in European concentration camps: imagining the trauma of another
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