Portico Perpetual Access

APA signed a perpetual access agreement with Portico in 2006. Fifty-eight journals available through PsycARTICLES®, APA's full-text journals database, are included in the archive.

APA has designated Portico as an official delivery platform to provide perpetual access of the APA and Educational Publishing Foundation journals to participating libraries.

Portico is a service that provides permanent archives of scholarly electronic journals in the event of discontinuation of a journal title, the publisher going out of business, or catastrophic failure of the journal provider. Libraries that subscribe to Portico would be able to access APA's archived journals if any of those events occurred.

In addition, APA has elected to take part in the Portico service that offers libraries perpetual access to appropriate journal volumes if the library ceases paying their annual site license fee and wishes to claim volumes they are entitled to under agreement with the publisher.

For a full coverage list, please visit Journal Titles Committed to the Portico Archive.

For more information about Portico, please visit the Portico web site.