InterLibrary Loan

APA permits use for Interlibrary Lending (ILL) with the following restrictions:

  • The Licensed Materials may not be used for any (i) fee-for-service use by Licensee including providing access to or selling copies of Items, (ii) systematic supply or distribution of portions of or Items from the Licensed Materials in any form to anyone other than an Authorized User or (iii) any similar activity.
  • Licensee may use the Licensed Materials to fulfill in print or image form only interlibrary loan requests from institutions that do not have access to the Licensed Materials, provided that such fulfillment is in accordance with the interlibrary loan provisions of Section 108 of the US Copyright Act and the CONTU Guidelines promulgated thereunder and with analogous applicable laws of other jurisdictions
  • Such requests may be fulfilled only by the Institution printing a copy of the item and providing that print copy, or a photocopy or facsimile transmission thereof, to the requesting party or by using an automated InterLibrary Loan system providing that it supplies images only and not digital content.