Night Light: A Story for Children Afraid of the Dark

Illustrated by Kenneth Boyle
Pages: 32, Black & white
Size: 7 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Age Range: 3-7
Item #: 4414371
ISBN: 978-0-94535-437-6
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Copyright: 1991
Format: Hardcover
Other Format: Softcover
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Fear of the dark is a common experience most of us outgrow — we don't know how. Parents know the fear usually stops, but children don't — they are simply afraid. The delightful and enchanting story line and whimsical illustrations in Night Light help images of fear change to those of interest, fun, and comfort as children learn to overcome their anxieties.

This beautifully illustrated fable features Kalispel, a little earth-dwelling creature. Kalispel lives underground with his darkness-loving family and friends and is afraid of only one thing: daylight. One day, with the help of his bold pal Digger the Rotomite ("Rotomites are always bold"), Kalispel learns to face the day and to see its mysterious beauty. Dutro's whimsical prose and Boyle's drawings give the book a fairy-tale mystery and appeal. Young readers will be inspired by little Kalispel, the underground creature who learns to outgrow his fear of daylight — a mirror for children who, in our world, are afraid of the dark.

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