Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope shows parents how to create personalized books for and with their children. They can be written and designed to fit any situation. Whether the issue is relatively straightforward, such as moving to a new home, or highly complex, such as a death in the family, the techniques described are flexible enough to handle them. And you don't need much to get started. Simple everyday items found in the house, a little time, and some creativity will go a long way in making communication more than just a good idea.
About the Author
Robert G. Ziegler, MD, is a child psychiatrist at the Boundaries Therapy Center, Acton, Massachusetts, and Co-Director of the Child Outpatient Service at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge.
Reviews & Awards

Dr. Ziegler's presentation and great variety of examples, combined with a supportive, affirming, "you can do it, too" approach, make this book just as useful to parents as to professionals.
—Maria Sauzier, MD, The Cambridge Hospital

Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope offers a new way to deal with the inevitable challenges of raising a family.
—Gail Pettiford Willett, Owner, Savanna Books

In creating a book about a difficult experience, the child is able to develop mastery and control by putting words to affectively charged situations, one of the first steps in changing behavior…easy to understand language and pragmatic ideas will make this book a tremendously useful resource.
—Madeline Steinberg, PsyD, Harvard Medical School at the Cambridge Hospital