Proud of Our Feelings

Illustrated by Lindsay Leghorn
Pages: 32, Color
Size: 7 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Age Range: 3-8
Item #: 4414681
ISBN: 978-0-945354-68-0
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Copyright: 1995
Format: Hardcover
Other Format: Softcover
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For parents, teachers, and professionals who often wonder how to react to the dizzying array of emotions expressed by children, help is now at hand.

Proud of Our Feelings provides children with an entertaining and constructive way to learn to accept and appropriately express their emotions. It will also help to stimulate discussion and interaction between children and the adults who care for them.

Proud of Our Feelings is a wonderful way for children and parents to explore and openly discuss their unspoken feelings, thereby helping the children to build the feelings of self-trust that will enable them to evolve into emotionally well-balanced people.

Whether joy or sadness, excitement or anger, confidence or fear, this book addresses a different emotion on each page and asks insightful questions that will result in the fruitful exploration of the child's emotional landscape. In addition, children will identify with the real-life, multicultural illustrations, and the delightful prose will help to enhance the feeling being discussed.

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