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    Learning to Feel Good and Stay Cool: Emotional Regulation Tools for Kids With AD/HD

    By Glasser, Judith M.; Nadeau, Kathleen G.

    This book is a practical guide for parents, clinicians, school counselors who are trying to help children with AD/HD learn how to feel good, how to problem-solve, and how to take charge of their feelings while minimizing their upsets.

    August 2013 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Get Ready for Jetty!: My Journal About ADHD and Me

    By Kraus, Jeanne

    In this book, 4th grader Jetty writes about school, her likes and dislikes, and her recent ADHD diagnosis in her diary.

    September 2012 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    AD/HD and the College Student: The Everything Guide to Your Most Urgent Questions

    By Quinn, Patricia O.

    This book answers the most common questions and tackles the most challenging problems students with AD/HD face in college.

    May 2012 | Softcover

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    Putting on the Brakes: Understanding and Taking Control of Your ADD or ADHD, Third Edition

    By Quinn, Patricia O.; Stern, Judith

    Now in its 20th year of publication, Putting on the Brakes remains the essential go-to resource for kids, parents, and professionals looking for tips and techniques on managing attention disorders.

    April 2012 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens With ADHD/LD

    By Quinn, Patricia O.; Maitland, Theresa E. Laurie

    This book for teens with ADHD and or learning disorders provides easy-to-use advice and strategies that will allow them to map out a plan and cultivate the skills needed to succeed in college.

    May 2011 | Softcover

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    Many Ways to Learn, Second Edition: A Kid's Guide to LD

    By Ben-Ami, Uzi; Stern, Judith M.

    This new edition of the classic book Many Ways to Learn gives kids with learning disabilities reassurance and knowledge to live confidently with their disability.

    November 2010 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Your Teen With ADHD or LD for College

    By Maitland, Theresa E. Laurie; Quinn, Patricia O.

    This book lays out a plan to keep students with ADHD or LD in college by first teaching parents to prepare their teen for take-off and their first solo flight away from the home.

    November 2010 | Softcover

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    Applying to College for Students With ADD or LD: A Guide to Keep You (and Your Parents) Sane, Satisfied, and Organized Through the Admission Process

    By Grossberg, Blythe

    This book gives students easy-to-use guidelines and insider tips to make their college application process organized, effective, and less stressful.

    September 2010 | Softcover

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    Attention, Girls! A Guide to Learn All About Your AD/HD

    By Quinn, Patricia O.

    This book has tons of practical ways to improve organization, focus, and study and homework skills as well as information on making and keeping friends, dealing with emotions, improving your self-esteem, overcoming sleep problems, understanding medication, and managing anxiety.

    April 2009 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Putting on the Brakes Activity Book for Kids with ADD or ADHD, Second Edition

    By Quinn, Patricia O.; Stern, Judith M.

    Putting on the Brakes Activity Book for Kids with ADD or ADHD is an expanded and updated edition of the classic, best-selling workbook.

    March 2009 | Softcover

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