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    Bumblebee Bike

    By Levins, Sandra

    In this story, a young boy learns how borrowing without asking makes other people feel and sets out to make things right.

    May 2014 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    This Day In June

    By Pitman, Gayle E.

    This uplifting and upbeat book shares the experience of attending an LGBT Pride festival. A Note to Parents and Caregivers provides information on how to talk to children about sexual orientation and gender identity in age-appropriate ways.

    May 2014 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Ten Turtles on Tuesday: A Story for Children About Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

    By Burns, Ellen Flanagan

    This is the story of an 11 year old girl with obsessive–compulsive disorder. She is confused, embarrassed, and frustrated by her counting rituals; eventually she talks to her mom and they seek help.

    April 2014 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Friends Always

    By Wenisch, Tanja

    Reading this book with your child can be a fun way to talk about friendship, conflicts with friends, and forgiveness.

    March 2014 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Boss No More

    By Meens, Estelle

    In this book, Lucas attempts to manage all playground activities and influence his friends and classmates to do what he wants, simply by bossing kids around, which leads to disagreement and conflict.

    March 2014 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Visiting Feelings

    By Rubenstein, Lauren

    Through purposeful and mindful exploration, this book harnesses a young child's innate capacity to fully experience the present moment and invites children to sense, explore, and befriend all of their feelings with acceptance and equanimity.

    September 2013 | Hardcover

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    A Happy Hat

    By Kim, Cecil

    This is a story of resilience, optimism, and hope. The life story of a hat and its various owners illustrates how dealing with disappointments and stressful situations is crucial to one's well-being.

    September 2013 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    What to Do When It's Not Fair: A Kid's Guide to Handling Envy and Jealousy

    By Toner, Jacqueline B.; Freeland, Claire A. B.

    This book introduces kids to cognitive-behavioral therapy-based strategies that can help them understand and deal with envy, jealousy, and self-esteem.

    September 2013 | Softcover

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    Learning to Feel Good and Stay Cool: Emotional Regulation Tools for Kids With AD/HD

    By Glasser, Judith M.; Nadeau, Kathleen G.

    This book is a practical guide for parents, clinicians, school counselors who are trying to help children with AD/HD learn how to feel good, how to problem-solve, and how to take charge of their feelings while minimizing their upsets.

    August 2013 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Healing Days: A Guide For Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma

    By Straus, Susan Farber

    This books tells children about the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that many children have after a bad and scary thing happens.

    May 2013 | Hardcover or Softcover

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