Institutional eBook Options

Grow your collection with ours. Check out APA's current eBook options for institutions and determine what will best meet your library's needs.

APA Books® E-Collections

  • Ownership of book content organized by copyright year and available from 2001 forward
  • First access to electronic versions—debuting alongside print releases
  • Delivered on APA PsycNET®


  • Full access to thousands of books and chapters, including a deep backfile of historical and classic works from as early as 1620
  • Content licensed through an annual subscription
  • Available on multiple vendor platforms to offer flexibility and integration with other library resources

APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • The first installment in the exciting new reference series APA Handbooks in Psychology
  • A reference tool for the intersection of business, management, and science with psychology
  • Available in print and electronically through APA PsycNET®

Free Trials Available

To discuss more about these options for your institution or consortia or to request a free trial, please call us at 877-236-2941 or 202-336-5648 or email Free Trials.