Refreshed APA PsycNET® database packages offer expanded content

Individuals can now search APA’s PsycTESTS® database with any APA PsycNET subscription, and have options that also include access to PsycTHERAPY®.

APA PsycNET® Gold and Platinum database packages have always provided affordable access to world-class research materials. Beginning in 2012, all subscribers can also search PsycTESTS® – APA’s new repository for ready-to-use tests and measures. A continually growing file, PsycTESTS includes over 4,000 records, with more than 2,700 actual tests or test items. Experts construct each test record from a variety of high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed journals, dissertations, books, the Archives of the History of American Psychology Test Collection and from the test authors themselves.

Subscribers to APA PsycNET Platinum also have access to APA’s new streaming video database, PsycTHERAPY®, a fully searchable resource that includes 300 videos and transcripts of therapy demonstrations. PsycTHERAPY shows numerous approaches to a wide variety of therapy topics and provides a close-up view of psychotherapy in action. Another option for access to PsycTHERAPY is APA PsycNET Gold Plus, a new subscription choice for eligible members. 
Learn more about all three APA PsycNET subscription options.