What you need to know about willpower

As part of our Mind/Body Health public education campaign, APA highlights the psychological science of self-control.

WillpowerWith willpower often the key to keeping New Year’s resolutions, APA has released a new report, What You Need to Know about Willpower: The Psychological Science of Self-Control, highlighting the leading research into the nature and consequences of people's ability to exert self-control. Survey findings about Americans' New Year’s goals and perceptions (PDF, 827KB) of willpower accompany the report. The survey is a follow-up to APA’s annual Stress in America report released in January.

APA Science Directorate Executive Director Steven J. Breckler, PhD, reached millions of Americans with important messages of the campaign as a featured guest on more than a dozen radio talk shows that aired from coast to coast. And in APA’s video series “This Is Psychology,” CEO Norman B. Anderson, PhD, answers some common questions about willpower and discusses research that examines self-control. (Subscriptions to the series are available via iTunes.) The report is also available in Spanish.

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