APA announces professional delegation to China

Members have the opportunity to explore psychological research, education and interventions as practiced in China as part of an APA-sponsored professional delegation to the country in October.

Members can join an APA-sponsored delegation to China and travel to Beijing and Xi’an, with an optional cultural trip to Tibet. APA is working with Professionals Abroad to sponsor the delegation, led by Barry Anton, PhD, and Carol Goodheart, EdD. Members will explore psychological research, education and interventions in China as well as the integration of behavioral and physical health and applications of psychology across different sectors of Chinese society. The visit includes meeting with Chinese colleagues in Beijing and Xi’an.

The final delegation itinerary and focus will be determined with input from delegation members. The preliminary list of focus topics include:

  • Cultural norms and the treatment of the mentally ill and the psychological stressors of medical illnesses 

  • Public and private treatment options 

  • Integration of mind, body and spirit in education, training and treatment approaches 

  • Use of evidence-based practice, as culturally applicable, in inpatient and outpatient settings 

  • Psychological research, education and treatment of adults, adolescents, children and family caregivers 

  • Traditional and modern Chinese approaches to physical and mental health

Interested individuals should RSVP to Professionals Abroad no later than Aug. 25. The delegation will depart from the U.S. on Oct. 9, convene in Beijing on Oct. 10, and return on Oct. 16. Delegation members will also receive continuing education credit for their participation. For questions, itinerary, costs and other logistical information, contact Professionals Abroad at (877) 298-9677 or visit the APA delegation website.