APA Commission on Accreditation calls for comments

The commission seeks public comments through Sept. 15, 2012, on proposed accreditation-related policies.

APA’s Commission on Accreditation is required by the U.S. Department of Education to collect and monitor data-driven outcomes of its accredited programs. Per its own guidelines (PDF, 151KB), the commission expects all accredited programs to provide outcome data on the extent to which the program is effective in achieving its goals, objectives and competencies. To provide accredited doctoral programs with further clarification of the type of data it requires to make an accreditation decision, the commission has proposed a new implementing regulation.

The proposed policy is available for public review and comment online through Sept. 15, 2012. Comments and other information, including users' identities, will be public. However, the commission will keep email addresses used for registration confidential. The commission will consider all comments received in moving forward with its implementing regulation.

Visit the commission’s website for more information