APA kicks off psychotherapy awareness initiative

APA’s new campaign includes updated brochures, articles and videos that psychologists can share to help educate the public that psychotherapy is effective in treating mental health issues — sometimes more so than drugs.

APA launched a new public awareness campaign in September to help people understand just how effective psychotherapy is in treating depression, anxiety and even stress. The campaign encourages psychologists to use a variety of new materials to spread the word through local media outreach and online social networks. These tools to help build awareness are available on APA’s Psychology Help Center and include the updated brochure “For a Healthy Mind and Body…Talk to a Psychologist,” the myths vs. realities of psychotherapy and “Understanding Psychotherapy and How it Works.”

A series of Web-based animated videos about a fictional miracle drug called “Fixitol” helped launch the campaign. The videos are a parody of drug ads, drawing attention to the value of psychotherapy as a treatment option. While the series favorably compares psychotherapy to drugs, it does not deny the appropriate use of medications in treating some individuals.

Watch both of the “Psychotherapy: More Than a Quick Fix” ads: