ACT Raising Safe Kids program expands to Brazil

APA staff presented the first international ACT Raising Safe Kids facilitators’ training in South America's largest country.

APA’s Violence Prevention Office launched the ACT Raising Safe Kids program in Brazil with a two-day facilitator training for 23 psychologists and graduate students students in partnership with the Federal University at Sao Carlos and the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine at Ribeirao Preto. The training furthered the program’s goal of creating safe, healthy environments to protect children and youth from violence and marked the beginning of APA’s partnership with two major Brazilian public universities.

The training included a four-hour workshop and 90-minute presentation at the Brazilian Psychological Association’s annual meeting on the impact of violence on school-age children, violence risk factors, neurological and behavioral impacts of violence and an overview of APA’s contributions to violence prevention.

APA also met with Brazilian ACT program coordinators regarding a proposed research project to take ACT to dozens of families in Sao Carlos and Sao Paulo.