News gets to members quickly and conveniently

Members gained several new and enhanced options to receive the latest association and psychology news.

Members now receive APA news and information tailored to their professional and personal needs and interests:

  • Public Affairs launched APA’s first all-member electronic newsletter, APA Access, with articles that keep members informed about APA activities, products and events and significant happenings in psychology and across the association. 

  • With convenience and efficiency in mind, the APA Web team developed a new broadcast email platform that allows members to select which electronic publications and alerts they wish to receive from the association. Members can choose from among 19 newsletters and can subscribe to be notified by email alerts when APA publishes research on selected topics such as addictions, aging, depression and psychotherapy, or on any topic a member requests. 

  • Members can now enjoy digital editions of the Monitor on Psychology and gradPSYCH with the same in-depth coverage plus bonus content, such as video interviews and website links. While members still receive print copies of the magazines, they are also alerted via email when new issues are available online.