Looking back on a year of significant achievements for psychology

APA’s work continued to strengthen psychology’s essential role in health care, scientific research and education.

This special year-end issue of APA Access gives members a summary of APA’s most significant accomplishments over the past 12 months.

Throughout the year, APA experts testified at congressional hearings, advanced members’ engagement and information exchange, and collaborated in national and international partnerships on behalf of psychology and psychologists as health care providers, scientists and educators. 

APA’s work positioned psychologists and the discipline at the forefront of a diverse array of important issues — from affordable health care and children’s mental health to Supreme Court decisions and new scientific research.

The association’s efforts led to initiatives that will support and expand the mental health workforce, including earmarking new funding to increase the number of APA-accredited internships. On another front, APA provided members with global perspectives by bringing international leaders in psychology to APA events, and by giving members travel opportunities to interact with professional counterparts in other countries.

Many activities demonstrated psychology’s key role in tackling complex issues, such as America’s obesity epidemic, HIV and behavioral health, and Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment. 

The impact APA has had on so many facets of society comes into focus in this overview of the association’s activities and accomplishments. It is challenging, if not impossible, to list every success and milestone — so we asked APA program managers to provide examples of their top achievements. This accomplishments issue serves as a preview to the more in-depth 2012 APA Annual Report, to be published in the summer issue of American Psychologist.