Be one of APA’s ‘go-to’ experts for national news media

Public Affairs’s media referral service provides journalists with sources for a broad range of psychology topics.

Just about any topic covered in the news — from New Year’s resolutions to violence in schools — has a psychological component. The APA Office of Public Affairs’s media referral service connects journalists to psychologists with expertise that relates to the issue they’re covering.

APA members are eligible to be MRS experts and become active participants in the association’s ongoing efforts to raise public awareness and understanding of psychology and its critical role in all aspects of people’s lives. We recommend members do interviews on topics within their particular area of expertise and that those volunteering for the referral service avail themselves of a media training program. APA offers such programs, as do many university relations offices. 

If you would like to participate, please contact Michael Shulman, public affairs specialist, by email or at (202) 336-5700 to receive a permission and profile form. The form will allow you to list your areas of expertise and your preferred contact information, and will give the Public Affairs team permission to provide that information when making referrals to journalists who report for recognized news outlets around the world.