Seven journals to publish their first issues with APA in 2013

The APA Journals Program introduces journals that will publish their first issue with APA this year.

Archives of Scientific Psychology Archives of Scientific Psychology, APA's first "open data, open methods, open access" journal, will publish articles that span the entire discipline of psychology, ranging from neuroscience to political psychology and all topics in between. Articles will also describe research conducted using any of the methods used by researchers in psychology — experimental, descriptive, and research synthesis, quantitative and qualitative.


Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology ®, an official journal of APA Div. 54 (Society of Pediatric Psychology), will publish articles representing the professional and applied activities of pediatric psychology. The journal will describe the diverse activities in the field; complement the scientific development of the field with information on the applied/clinical side; provide modeling that addresses the ways practicing pediatric psychologists incorporate empirical literature into day-to-day activities; emphasize work that incorporates and cites evidence from the science base; provide a forum for those engaged in primarily clinical activities to report on their activities; and inform future research.

Journal of Latina/o Psychology Journal of Latina/o Psychology, the official journal of the National Latina/o Psychological Association, will publish scholarly writing on research, practice, advocacy, education and policy relevant to Latino communities. The journal plans to address issues affecting immigration, health and wellness, spirituality, mental health, Latina/o identity and multigenerational families.


Journal of Rural Mental Health Journal of Rural Mental Health, the official journal of the National Association for Rural Mental Health, publishes peer-reviewed papers pertaining to rural mental health research, practice and policy. The journal includes reports of original research, theoretical or review articles, book and media reviews, program descriptions and letters to the editor.


Journal of Threat Assessment and Management Journal of Threat Assessment and Management, the official journal of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals, the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and the Australasian Association of threat Assessment Professionals, will be an international periodical for professionals and scholars whose work focuses on operational aspects of the assessment and management of risk for interpersonal violence.


Military Psychology Military Psychology, the official journal of APA Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology), facilitates the scientific development of military psychology by encouraging communication between researchers and practitioners. The journal will publish behavioral science research articles having military applications in the areas of clinical and health psychology, training and human factors, manpower and personnel, social and organizational systems, and testing and measurement.


The Psychologist-Manager Journal The Psychologist-Manager Journal, the official journal of the Society of Psychologists in Management, is a scholarly journal and a professional guide to good managerial practice, directed at the practicing psychologist-manager.