Veterans Health Administration provides access to APA databases for all employees

Psychologists and other health professionals at VA medical centers nationwide now have access to multiple APA research databases.

After five years of negotiations, APA and the Veterans Health Administration have agreed to expand access to APA databases to all 23 Veterans Regional Integrated Service Networks throughout the United States, many of its territories and the Philippines. Each of the regional networks includes hospitals, outpatient clinics and veterans centers. The new agreement expands the access to PsycINFO® and PsycARTICLES® that APA previously provided to some medical centers to all 136 VA facilities nationwide and includes PsycBOOKS® and PsycTESTS®.

“The license with the Veterans Administration is important because it gives all VA employees (psychologists and other health professionals) access to important scholarly work, such as tests and scales, book chapters, journal articles and abstracts,” said APA Publisher Gary R. VandenBos, PhD. “It also broadens the VA’s efforts to bring evidence-based approaches to veteran’s mental and behavioral healthcare. Access is there now, with just a few clicks, anytime and anyplace.”

APA’s agreement with the VA renews annually and will expand to include access to PsycTHERAPY® in 2014. Additionally, the agreement provides the foundation for a longstanding relationship between APA and the Veterans Health Administration and supports APA’s core mission of advancing the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives, including those of veterans.