Council approves revised ‘APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major’

The revised education guidelines will help psychology departments provide high-quality, culturally attuned psychology programs for students.

APA’s Council of Representatives approved a revised version of the ”APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major” (PDF, 1.15MB) at its August 2013 meeting. The “version 2.0” guidelines include significant revisions to the original document that has influenced curricular planning in undergraduate departments for more than a decade.

The updated guidelines reduce the scope of major areas from 10 to five, increase the emphasis on workforce skills as well as offer benchmarks that assist in designing high-impact classroom experiences both at the two- and four-year levels of the major. These benchmarks will better align community college and four-year programs.

Jane Halonen, PhD, chair of the APA Board of Educational Affairs Task Force on Psychology Major Competencies, will review and explain the changes as well as focus on the implications of working with a more streamlined set of expectations in a live webinar in late November or early December.

Printed copies of the revised guidelines are available upon email request.