Progressing toward new APAGS journal to provide publishing training ground for students, new psychologists

APAGS welcomed Mary Beth Kenkel, PhD, as the first editor.

APAGS reached a milestone toward its new journal, Translational Issues in Psychological Science, with the selection of Mary Beth Kenkel, PhD, to serve as the inaugural editor-in-chief. A professor and dean at the Florida Institute of Technology and a former editor of APA’s Professional Psychology: Research and Practice journal, Kenkel plans for the journal to initially focus on the science of sleep and dreams and the applications of psychological research to education. She will be accepting manuscript submissions in 2014 for an initial publication in 2015. 

The journal will focus on different topics for each issue, including brief interdisciplinary literature reviews or papers, and allow graduate students and early career psychologists to review and edit articles. Graduate students will also be able to serve as associate editors.