Collaborating to promote competent and ethical practice of psychology

Ongoing partnerships help shape APA’s ethics code and influence how psychologists think about ethics.

APA collaborations with regional and international psychological associations have highlighted the common interest of incorporating ethics into the practice of psychology around the world.

APA has continued to support the APA Ethics Committee’s work to include the perspectives of the four Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations (EMPAs) into future revisions of the APA ethics code. A 2011 meeting between the APA Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of the Society of Indian Psychologists has become a model for collaboration between the APA ethics program and the EMPAs. The APA Ethics Committee now hosts an annual program for dialogue among the five associations on how culture and values affect psychologists’ thinking about ethics.

The APA Ethics Office also collaborated with the Minnesota Psychological Association and Minnesota Board of Psychology to highlight the common interest of psychological associations and licensing boards in enhancing the competent and ethical practice of psychology. Additional states have expressed interest in participating in the initiative, which began in 2007 as a partnership between APA and the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

Additionally, APA Ethics Office Director Stephen Behnke, PhD, JD, MDiv, gave a keynote address on promoting the ethics of psychology in different parts of the world at the Australian Psychological Society annual convention in October. Following the address, Behnke presented at workshops in Sydney and Melbourne to increase international dialogue on ethics in psychology, emphasizing how Australian and American psychologists grapple with similar issues.