Strengthening partnerships and providing opportunities for members through international cooperation

APA’s participation in international outreach programs and initiatives creates opportunities for psychologists worldwide to exchange information.

APA’s continued participation in programs around the world has created opportunities for psychologists to exchange information.

APA staff and governance leaders represented APA in national, regional and international meetings in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Mexico and the Caribbean islands, giving keynote addresses, workshops and presentations. 

APA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with psychology associations in Cuba, Portugal and Sweden, bringing the number of MOU partners to 14. Working with these partners, APA is developing exchange programs and collaborating to launch an international psychology leadership network.

APA’s representatives at the United Nations continued to be active in UN committees addressing women, children and families, human rights, HIV/AIDS, aging, mental health and sustainable development. APA’s representatives joined other psychology groups to hold the sixth annual Psychology Day at the UN that focused on a global context for psychology and violence. APA joined other organizations at the UN in signing statements addressing work, peace and human rights.

As part of the APA International Learning Partner Program, a collaboration to sponsor international professional exchange visits, APA led a five-day visit to Cuba in November for 15 APA members. Participants learned about Cuba’s well-developed, integrated primary care system and met with Cuban colleagues to explore psychology’s role in training, health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

In another initiative to support international exchange, APA funded 12 researchers to attend conferences outside the United States, and provided travel stipends to support 18 students and early and later career psychologists to attend the APA Annual Convention.