Putting the spotlight on psychological science helps solve real world problems

APA’s Public Interest Directorate produced two videos and a blog to spread awareness of psychology’s benefits to society.

Videos on undocumented Americans and the sexualization of girls, as well as a blog, boosted APA’s Public Interest Directorate’s efforts to educate the public about how applied psychological science benefits society.

Undocumented Americans

Undocumented Americans” follows the stories of three immigrant youths dealing with daily isolation from peers, the struggle to pursue an education, fears of detention and deportation, and the trauma of separation from family and loved ones. Based on a recommendation of the 2012 APA Presidential Task Force on Immigration, the video raises awareness of the psychological effects that detention and deportation have on immigrants and their families.

Girls Talk: Sexualization of Girls

Girls Talk: Sexualization of Girls” captures candid reactions of six middle school girls to the sexualized depictions of girls in across all types of media. With more than 20,000 views, more than 3,000 of which came on the first day of its release, it is the most popular video on APA’s YouTube channel. More than 30 organizations shared, reported on or used the video as a resource, and it was highlighted during Canadian Media Literacy Week in November.

Psychology Benefits Society

The new blog, “Psychology Benefits Society,” explores how psychological science informs social issues and solves problems. Since its March launch, the blog has received nearly 76,000 views from  to 66 guest posts on topics such as aging; HIV/AIDS; children, youth and families; culture; ethnicity and race; disability issues; health disparities; human rights and social justice; LGBT issues; poverty and socioeconomic status; violence; women and girls; and public policy.