Showcasing psychology’s value and providing resources for employers and psychologists

The new APA Center for Organizational Excellence helps to increase public awareness of benefits that psychology can bring to the workplace.

By applying psychology to a range of workplace issues and by collaborating with other disciplines, such as management, human resources and occupational health, APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence is helping employers create programs and policies to improve employee well-being and organizational performance.

Launched in January, the center houses and builds upon the efforts of APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, a public education initiative about the benefits psychology can bring to the workplace. The center also connects APA’s directorates and offices, providing an overarching strategy for promoting the health and well-being of the association’s own workforce.

In addition to offering conferences, webcasts and online courses, the center publishes an email newsletter and blog that feature tips, tools and other resources to help employers create a healthy, high-performing work environment. The center’s website provides a searchable database of professional, academic and popular employee well-being and organizational performance literature, case examples from award-winning organizations and a calendar of psychological, human resource, health promotion and employee benefit events.