A year of significant accomplishments for APA

This issue of APA Access reports on APA's work to strengthen psychology's important role in education, health care and scientific research nationally and internationally.

APA’s accomplishments in 2013 put psychology at the forefront of workplace health, Supreme Court decisions, suicide and violence prevention and many more critical issues facing society today.

APA and APAPO staff worked on behalf of practicing psychologists to ensure the public’s continued access to quality psychological services. In addition, APA staff, with help from APA members, called for protecting social and behavioral science research funding.

Other projects helped expand psychology’s role in health care.

APA delivered additional resources and opportunities to graduate students and early career psychologists, while awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to support quality and accreditation in graduate education, particularly the number of accredited internship positions. 

Additionally, national and international collaborations helped promote the ethical practice of psychology and the exchange of information among psychologists, and an increasing number of people now have expanded access to APA’s research databases and publications.

APA’s impact is clear in this overview of the association’s activities and successes. This issue serves as a preview to the more in-depth 2013 APA Annual Report, to be published in the summer issue of American Psychologist.