APA President Kaslow explains results of Good Governance Project

Watch Nadine Kaslow, PhD, discuss the Council of Representatives' historic actions to create a new model of governance for the association.

2014 APA President Nadine Kaslow, PhD discusses results of APA’s Good Governance Project (GGP), the multiyear effort to optimize the association's governing system for the needs of the 21st century. In its report to the Council of Representatives in August 2013, the GGP team outlined seven proposals for change. In a new video, Kaslow explains these changes as well as the Council of Representative’s historic actions creating a new model of governance for the association.

APA’s new governing system will strengthen the association’s ability to focus on the critical issues facing the discipline, be more nimble in a rapidly changing world, better align its resources with strategic goals and both engage and be more responsive to members through the use of technology. 

The GGP team is focused on the development and approval of specific implementation plans. “Most members aren’t all that concerned with how governance works, but they are interested in knowing that the issues that matter the most to them are getting appropriately addressed in a timely manner,” said Nancy Gordon Moore, APA executive director for governance affairs. “The new governance structure is designed to do exactly that, and provides opportunities for direct member input into the process.” Members will have the opportunity to vote on changes that require changes to the APA bylaws in late 2014. Implementation is scheduled to begin in 2015.