APA and HIV association collaborate to produce special magazine issue on HIV and mental health

Psychology’s role in helping to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS took the spotlight in an issue of HIV Specialist, the magazine of the American Academy of HIV Medicine.

Psychological and mental health issues associated with HIV/AIDS is the focus of a special issue (PDF, 6.5MB) of the HIV Specialist magazine thanks to collaboration between APA’s Committee on Psychology and AIDS (COPA) and the magazine’s publisher, the American Academy of HIV Medicine. According to David. J. Martin, PhD, ABPP, senior director of APA's Office on AIDS and co-editor of the special issue, the issue describes how psychology helps prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, including work in trauma, neuropsychology, pain management, substance abuse management and transgender issues.

“Many of the issues confronting people with HIV/AIDS mirror those of individuals facing other health challenges, and psychology can and should play a vital role in their management,” said Martin.

The magazine issue also highlights psychology’s role in integrated care. “HIV/AIDS care has become a model of what integrated care should look like. Psychologists working in HIV/AIDS do more than psychotherapy – they provide expertise with pain management, treatment adherence, rehabilitation and more,” adds Martin.