Psychotherapy’s role in cardiac health topic of new briefing sheet

The new briefing sheet underscores the benefits of psychotherapy, in conjunction with anti-depressant medication, for reducing depression, re-hospitalization and medical costs for depressed patients after a heart attack.

APA's Center for Psychology and Health has released a briefing sheet (PDF, 144KB), part of its briefing series on the role of psychology in health care, highlighting the link between heart disease and depression.

The center’s briefing sheet builds on APA’s other work on the topic cardiac psychology, including a video on-demand continuing education (CE) series focusing on contemporary issues in the field, guidance on becoming a cardiac rehab specialist, as well as an upcoming CE session at APA’s 2014 convention on adapting psychotherapy interventions for cardiac patients.

The Center for Psychology and Health's briefing series is collaboratively developed with APA's Interdivisional Healthcare Committee, a coalition of health-oriented divisions within the association.