APA-Style Helper 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my serial number?
If you purchased the CD, the serial number is located on a sticker on the back of your CD Case.

If you purchased a serial number for the demo version, you were sent a confirmation e-mail with your serial number in it.

I have entered my serial number but the program won't accept it, what should I do now?
Once at the box asking to enter your serial number, type each part exactly as it appears on the sticker on the back of your CD case. Once you're done, the "next" button should light up. Please click it.

If you purchased a serial number for the demo version, paste the serial number directly into the form in the program to ensure accuracy. Make sure that your last name is exactly as it appears on your confirmation e-mail.

What edition of the APA Publication Manual is the APA-Style Helper 3.0 compatible with?
The APA-Style Helper 3.0 is compatible with the fifth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Why doesn't the 3.0 version have a tool bar in Word?
Versions 3.0 and 2.0 were designed so that they can be used with word processors other than Word. You may prepare your manuscript in the APA Style-Helper, then "Send" it to Word or another word processor.

I have downloaded the program but can't find it on my computer, what should I do?
Using the "Find" feature on your computer, (located in the start menu for windows users) locate a file which should be on your hard drive called "install" or "install3a". If you see this, double click on it and see if it will run and complete the installation. If this does not work contact Tech support at Style Helper Support

Can I download the program onto a disk?
Due to the size of the program, you cannot download it onto a floppy disk. You may however download it onto a rewritable CD or any other high capacity disk.

I need to re-download the program, and I have already purchased it. How do I do this without being charged again?
APA-Style Helper has been discontinued and is no longer available for download.

The download of my copy of APA-Style Helper 3.0 did not complete. What should I do?
Before downloading, disable any virus protection program you may be running as these can interfere with the process. Be sure to run the installation while still online. Once the installation is complete and the program is up and running, remember to turn your virus protection back on.

How do I use this program? Is there a user's manual for this program?
There is a brief user manual included in your CD case along with installation procedures. If you purchased the demo version instead, the included help file should provide some guidance on how to use this program. You can also access the help files by clicking on "Getting Started" on the opening screen of the program. This part of the help files answer many users' questions about how the program works.

How can I save my manuscript?
After completing the fields, you must click on the finish button before you can save. If you need to change something later, you may always do so by choosing the edit option when you open your manuscript.

How do I print a file?
You will need to "send" your manuscript to a word processor in order to print it.

How can I open my manuscript in a word processor?

  • Click on File

  • Choose Open

  • Select your file

  • Click on Manuscript

  • Choose Send to

  • Choose a word processor or the Rich Text File option and save your manuscript. Make note of where you saved your file.

  • Style Helper will automatically start your document in the word processor of your choice. If you chose Rich Text, you should be able to open this file in your word processor now.

How can I type the rest of my paper? The program will only let me do an abstract.
The program is meant to compliment your word processor. When you are finished filling out the fields in APA Style-Helper 3.0, you must "Send" your manuscript to a word processor in order to complete it.

How do I convert a document from my word processor to APA Style-Helper 3.0?
Once a paper is already written in a word processor, you will need to cut and paste the fields into APA Style-Helper 3.0. Then follow the instructions for "Sending" your document to a word processor. Once there, you will need to cut and paste the parts of your paper in to the appropriate sections on the APA layout. Be careful not to overwrite existing work when you send your materials from the APA-Style Helper back to your word processor!