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APA-Style Helper 2.0

A patch was release for version 2 in November of 2001. This patch addressed the issue that version 2 would not run on Pentium 4 based computers by replacing the java virtual machine with one which will run on Pentium 4 based computers. Only systems based on that chip should need the patch.

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APA-Style Helper 3.0

Patch 3

The latest patch for the 3.0 version of the software is available. This patch was released on July 11, 2002. In addition to all previous fixes, it addressed the following issues: (Download Windows | Mac OsX | Mac Os 8.x, 9.x )

  • This patch fixes problems some users were experiencing when trying to export a manuscript which contained curly braces -- "{" or "}" -- in the document.

  • This patch also ensures that references with more than six authors will be formatted with the "et al." form specified by the APA Publication Manual.

Patch 2

The second patch to the APA-Style Helper was issued in March of 2002. It incorporates all the fixes listed for the first patch. In addition, the following updates were made:

  • Several modifications were made to the program to allow it to run correctly on Macintosh computers.

  • Some modifications were made to one of the drop-down combo boxes at the bottom of the second screen of the reference wizard (the screen that says "Enter reference elements" at the top). This box is only used for certain reference types (for example, it's used for monograph IDs for monographs and "Medium" for recordings). The changes were made to give the program compatibility with older Macintosh operating systems.

Patch 1

This was the first patch for the APA-Style Helper 3 program. It addressed a number of issues that were uncovered after the release of the program. The list of updates and changes is below, but all updates are included in the second patch release. Please see the above links to download the latest patch. The changes included in the first patch are as follows:

Opening, Saving, and Exporting Files

  • Fixed a bug that caused the program running on Windows platforms to crash when the user attempted to open or export to more than one file successively during a session.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause an erroneous warning box to appear when the user attempted to export a manuscript or reference list to a word processing program. The warning stated "There was an error opening the file. Please be sure that [filename] is not already open in a word processor."

Creating and Editing Manuscripts

  • Several improvements were added to the functions for adding, modifying, and deleting manuscript authors. Validation routines that check for blank entries and academic degrees improperly appended to names were improved and added to the "modify" as well as the "add" function.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang when a user clicked "modify" without first selecting an author from the list.

Creating, Copying and Editing References

  • A bug has been fixed that caused overwriting and/or duplication of data while editing existing references in a manuscript.

  • Fixed a bug where in the drop-down box at the bottom of the "Enter reference elements" page that sometimes prevented display of existing data when editing certain types of references (recordings, reviews, monographs, etc.).

  • Fixed a bug where in the last page of the References section ("Add the publication information") related to the radio buttons for the question, "Is this reference 'of limited availability'?"

  • The References/Copy function with the "Search full system when copying references" option checked will now exclude references from files in hidden directories, such as those in Windows' Recycle Bin.

  • Names of contributors from previous references were not always removed when successive references were being edited and thus were accumulating in the contributor list. This error has been fixed.

  • For references of type "Manuscript," selecting the option "In preparation" will now produce the correct description in the reference.

  • In the first screen of the Reference/Create function, the "Next" button is now disabled until the user selects a reference type.

  • On the last screen of the reference section, users who type in a URL without an "http://" or other protocol will now be prompted with a box that adds the HTTP protocol and asks them to accept or edit the address.