Treating Difficult Couples

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In Treating Difficult Couples, Dr. Douglas K. Snyder demonstrates his approach to working with difficult couples—those experiencing deficiencies in relational skills, a major life crisis, or longstanding and counterproductive relational patterns. Because of the complexity of this couples therapy, the approach involves multiple therapeutic modalities, requiring therapists to combine two or three approaches for any given couple. The primary goal of this approach is to help difficult couples to understand themselves and each other as partners.

In this session, Dr. Snyder works with Mary and Gary, a couple who, although they are 50 years old, have only been married several years. Mary has been diagnosed with cancer, and it has infiltrated much of her body, including her brain. Dr. Snyder helps this couple deal with the emotional impact of Mary's illness on their lives, something they have not faced because they have been too caught up in the daily tasks of medical care, family life, and work.

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