Career Counseling

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In Career Counseling, Dr. Mark Savickas demonstrates his narrative counseling method for helping clients to fit work into their lives, rather than fit themselves to jobs. This approach looks at a client's life as a "novel being written," and it emphasizes recurring themes that reveal how the client uses work to advance his or her life projects.

In this session, Dr. Savickas works with a woman who is graduating with a degree in school counseling. It becomes apparent during the session that this career does not fit her personality. Dr. Savickas uses a series of intriguing questions to help her understand why this career does not work for her and what type of work would make her happy. The client is visibly changed during this compelling session.

This fascinating DVD features a voiceover option through which viewers can choose to hear Dr. Savickas's comments on the therapy session as it plays out.

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