Psychotherapy Over Time

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In Psychotherapy Over Time, Dr. Jon Carlson works with a client over the course of six psychotherapy sessions. These sessions provide an example of how therapy can empower and help clients to begin to develop new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

In these sessions, Dr. Carlson works with a 30-year-old woman named Aimee, a single mother who has always sought to please others rather than take care of herself. When she begins therapy she is depressed and expresses fears about her ex-husband harming her and her two teenage sons. As therapy progresses, she begins to transform her thoughts and behavior by developing her ability to state her needs and by reducing her negative self-talk. Over the course of therapy she becomes empowered and positive, developing a stronger connection with her mother and other family members as well as new confidence and the ability to care for herself.

This six-session set offers an exciting opportunity to witness positive therapeutic change over time.

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