Couple Power Therapy

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In Couple Power Therapy, Dr. Peter L. Sheras and Dr. Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras demonstrate their positive approach to couples treatment. Rather than focusing merely on correcting specific relationship problems, they work with both partners to help them achieve a shared identity as a couple—an identity that centers on their vision for the future together, not on issues solely from the past that are the most frequent topics of couple sessions.

In this session, Sheras and Koch-Sheras work with a couple who have recently considered divorce. The husband has recommitted himself to the marriage, and his wife has hope that they might be able to make the partnership work. With the aid of the therapists, the couple develops a joint proclamation—a statement that expresses their vision of themselves as a couple. The couple then begins to use this tool to strengthen their commitment to one another. This creates a renewed sense of purpose and specific plans for proceeding in recreating a healthier relationship.

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