Responding Therapeutically to Patient Anger

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Patient expression of anger toward the psychotherapist is a stressful and prevalent phenomenon in the course of psychological treatment. Responding skillfully to a client's anger constitutes a major technical and interpersonal hurdle for psychotherapists, and explicit training in this area is rare. Responding Therapeutically to Patient Anger is designed to help fill this gap by presenting selected scenes of distinguished psychologists facing client expressions of anger. (Anger is used in the general and descriptive meaning of a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism.)

Designed for clinical training, this video is appropriate for workshops or individual study for the professional development of practicing clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, and graduate psychology students.

This video features clients portrayed by actors on the basis of actual case material. The therapists were not briefed in advance on the nature of the scenario being acted out, and therefore their responses are spontaneous and unrehearsed.

This material was prepared by the developers of the APA Psychotherapy Video Series: John C. Norcross, Donald K. Freedheim, Julia Frank-McNeil, Gary R. VandenBos, and Margaret M. Schlegel. Grateful acknowledgement is made to all the participants in the series from which these vignettes were culled.

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