Problems of Eating and Weight Management

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In Problems of Eating and Weight Management, Dr. G. Terence Wilson demonstrates his approach to working with clients who are having trouble with binge eating and weight control. This problem occurs frequently, primarily among women, and has at its root various negative self-beliefs about the body that are exacerbated by the client's practice of binge eating. Dr. Wilson uses cognitive–behavioral therapy to help the client replace binge eating with more healthy eating habits, first by working with the client to stop current unhealthy behavior and become aware of the triggers for binge eating, and then by addressing dysfunctional thoughts and attitudes about body shape and weight.

In this session, Dr. Wilson works with a client who is obese and meets the criteria for binge eating disorder. Dr. Wilson teaches the concept of self-monitoring to help the client become aware of how and when she binges so she can begin to identify the antecedents and consequences that precede and perpetuate this behavior.

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