Counseling Clients Who Have Trouble Conceiving

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In Counseling Clients Who Have Trouble Conceiving, Dr. Susan H. McDaniel demonstrates her approach to working with clients experiencing primary infertility, or difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term for the first time. Approximately 1 in 5 couples in the United States have difficulty conceiving, a biopsychosocial problem that can often result in adjustment disorders, depression, and couple and family problems. Dr. McDaniel uses medical family therapy as the framework for therapy with this population.

In this DVD, Dr. McDaniel works with a woman in her mid-20s who has not yet been able to conceive after 2 years of striving to have a baby, with medical tests providing no clear reasons for the problem. Dr. McDaniel listens to the client's story, paying particular attention to the client's expectations and the reactions and role of her husband in this couple problem. She then inventories the client's and couple's strengths and encourages them to seek support in an infertility group.

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