Treatment With Defiant and Aggressive Adolescents

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In Treatment With Defiant and Aggressive Adolescents, Dr. Fred J. Hanna demonstrates his practical approach to working with adolescents who have behavior problems. Dr. Hanna's precursors to change model has been used successfully with teenagers who are involved in drugs, gangs, violence, or serious misbehavior in school and other situations. This approach emphasizes seven precursors to change, including instilling a sense of necessity for change and the hope that change is attainable, along with the willingness to experience anxiety and confront issues.

In this session, Dr. Hanna works with a 17-year-old boy who says he wants to succeed in school, although he also asserts that it is all right to drink and party with his friends. Dr. Hanna first assesses the presence of the precursors to change, then creates cognitive dissonance between the two sides of the client's personality so that the client will seek to resolve this split and commit to making changes in his life.

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