Psychoanalytic Therapy Over Time

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In Psychoanalytic Therapy Over Time, Dr. Jeremy D. Safran demonstrates the relational psychoanalytic approach. Like other forms of psychoanalysis, the relational approach emphasizes the importance of exploring unconscious processes, transference and defense, but is also distinguished by a number of key features. These include emphasizing the mutuality of the therapeutic relationship, exploring the way in which both client and therapist unconsciously contribute to playing out important relational patterns in the treatment, and valuing the therapist's feelings as important clues about both the nature of these relational patterns and the client's unconscious experience.

Over the course of the six sessions on this DVD, Dr. Safran works with a young woman with a history of serious depression, substance abuse, and a pattern of romantic involvement with abusive men. Through a process of exploring tensions and relational patterns emerging in the therapeutic relationship, Dr. Safran helps the client begin to recognize her own needs and strengths and to feel more optimistic about the future. Over the course of therapy, the client progresses from a stance of wary and resentful compliance to one of growing trust and healthy self-assertion.

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