Existential–Humanistic Therapy Over Time

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In Existential–Humanistic Therapy Over Time, Dr. Kirk J. Schneider demonstrates this distinctly American expression of existential therapy. Emphasizing freedom, experiential reflection, and responsibility, this approach draws from Schneider's existential–integrative framework. The goal of this therapy is to help clients free themselves from self-imposed limitations. The focus of the approach is here-and-now, which involves frequently asking clients to check in with their emotions and bodily sensations. By not only discussing, but experiencing the problems they face in-session, clients come to a deeper understanding of their authentic life goals, versus those imposed by others or by a rigid sense of self.

In this series of six sessions, Dr. Schneider works with a woman in her late 40s who has come to therapy with many challenges: a history of abuse, depression, alcoholism, and recent losses, including her brother being killed before the third session of therapy. By being truly present with the client, and showing her how to be present with herself, Dr. Schneider helps her to see the bigger picture of her life, and through that awareness address her most pressing concerns, such as fear and guilt, the need to grieve, and the struggle for life-purpose.

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