Counseling Latina/Latino Clients Using a Family Systems Perspective

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In Counseling Latina/Latino Clients Using a Family Systems Perspective, Dr. Joseph M. Cervantes demonstrates an indigenous therapeutic approach integrated with more mainstream psychological practice. This model, which he calls Mestizo spirituality, is a narrative approach that sees physical illness and psychological issues as interpersonal stories that, once told and understood, can provide meaning to the client. In this approach, the therapist takes on the role of a guide or cojourneyer helping to foster a healing environment for the clients.

Working with Latina/Latino clients involves assessing their level of acculturation, something that varies depending not only on how recently the clients have come to the United States, but on how the client's family relates to their culture and community.

In this session, Dr. Cervantes does a spiritual assessment of a young woman who is struggling with family issues, primarily her separation from her husband, who had been abusive and unsupportive of her life goals. Dr. Cervantes assesses the client's strengths, helping her to see that she may already have the skills and support to move beyond what she has experienced in the past as well as to handle the problems she currently faces.

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